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Originally Posted by Archer81 View Post
No, it has not always been a racist slur. Much like the word negro, it was just a distinguisher for a group of people. Redskin or negro was a descriptor. It took on racial overtones later, and became slurs.

Redtails in a way is like Redskin. It was a name given to a specific group of people based on race. In this instance, Warriors is probably the best one presented it is not race specific and is not exactly least I hope it isnt.

There is no equal to redtail and redskin. Yes, redtails were an all black unit, but, to my knowledge, their decision to paint their tails red had nothing to do with their race specifically. Plus, the redtails are a group that should be celebrated! They are war heroes.

I don't get why there's such ANGER by some toward changing the name. We're still a deeply racist society, and if we're making movements towards some kind of post-racial existence, then these types of things should happen. Not every tradition is good.

And if you bring up the "some native american high schools have the name" argument, its because they've taken ownership of it and decided to do that themselves. Its not like predominantly white highschools are keeping a redskin name. Its just not the same.
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