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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post
Ukraine had agreed to early elections. Yanukovitch should have been removed through democratic processes.

You also fail to acknowledge the role of US-backed neo-Nazis in overthrowing Yanukovitch. When they removed him they shredded the Ukrainian constitution.

The US doesn't give a hoot about supporting democracy. The removal of Yanukovitch was about denying Russia its Crimean sea base.

Given the longstanding economic dependency of Ukraine on Russia - the US backed coup was clearly not in the interests of the Ukrainian people. The only beneficiaries were a few oligarchs. The people of Ukraine lost.

The country is now at the mercy of European bankers. You remember what happened to Greece and Cyprus? Ukraine is about to be looted by the West.


Are you friggen high? The ukrainians have been asking for support and Obama sent lunches.

Yanukovich's snipers KILLED 100 people on the streets like ****en prarie dogs on a wyoming ranch.

Watch the video. You mean to tell me these people were supplied and trained by the ****ing CIA? They had garbage can lids for protection you jackass.

I realize you think you know everything about all world politics but this is a subject you know nothing about. I have family on the ground there. Am connected with activists all over the country right now. Putin is sending in tanks and trust me Obama is watching it happen. It's all good. Ukraine will fight on it's own.

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