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Originally Posted by mhgaffney View Post

The moral question remains -- the fact that the US stood aside and allowed the Nazis and Russians to duke it out -- destroying one another.
PCR is right on. Brit and others like him are worse than stupid -- they are fools. MHG
You really need to read history instead of quoting Stalin's paranoia.

Troofers like you and PCR are nothing more than delusional con men who attempt to rewrite history to support your warped agenda's.

I would give you a reading list, but I see you prefer Stalin's and Hitler's henchman's versions.

You probably have no idea which revisionist author suggested the allies delayed the second front to allow the Soviets and Germans reduce each others capabilities.
It was published in the eighties and torn apart by military historians for ignoring reality; the state of allied preparedness, equipment, planning, capabilities etc. It was Walter S. Dunn Jr.'s Second Front Now.

Gaffney, you've proven yourself a serial ignoramus where history is concerned. Nothing has changed.

Edit: For those interested, has a brief but informative interview on this very topic, with war historian, Andrew Roberts.

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