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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
You guys are missing a lot here.

1. RGIII has had a sophomore slump more than the rest of last years great rookie class because while the league got to gameplan that offense, he could not take reps and get better physically in the offseason. RGIII did not have an offseason to get better with the WR's, run custom routes, get adjustments down, and work on his craft physically. And, it has shown in his poor technique and decision making this season.

He is just now getting how to read defenses that are no longer scared of missing him on a zone read play and playing traditional coverages against him. He has struggled to execute and missed plays he made last year as well. Overall, he has not gotten better while teams have learned how to force him into doing things that are not his strengths and he could not improve in the offseason. The result is he has simply regressed in his on field performances.

2. More teams are playing the Zone read scheme than ever before, and teams are getting more comfortable playing against it. WAS is not getting the big "Sportscenter type hype" plays they did last year to beat teams. They need to be able to make sustained drives and their OL has been flat out atrocious in pass protection this year.

3. The defense is actually pretty talented, but pretty young on the back end. Safety is also an issue for WAS like it has been in DEN and their CB play has been some of the worst I have ever seen this season. This is Raheem Morris, who used to be TB's DB's and HC not Slowik, who has not brought them along at all and they blow coverages as much as any team in the NFL this year.

4. Jim Haslet has not done a very good job as DC under Shanahan. His conversion of the defense from 4-3 to 3-4 has not worked and required them to Blitz entirely too much to put pressure on the running game and the passing game. Combine that with a secondary that blows coverages and you get a pretty poor defense that is entirely too risky at its core.

5. WAS has the lowest rated ST's unit in the NFL and they are almost 40% worse on ST's than the 31st ranked NY Giants! They have lost a bunch of games this year to ST's blunders as well as continually screwing both offense and Defense with Field position. Former DEN ST's captain Keith Burns runs this unit, and they are just about as awful as you can get. This is a hidden area where the Salary Cap restrictions kill them as they have a bunch of scrubs playing ST's as well as the specialists themselves being poor.

Combine that with the inability to sign and keep the right talent due to salary cap restrictions, and you get a 3-8 team that is wildly inconsistent.

I also think Mike needs to do less, but having Kyle run the offense has helped him be more of an overall HC. Bruce Allen and AJ Smith, formerly of the SD SuperChargers are still involved in Talent assessment with Shanahan as well so he has less total control than he did have in DEN. Snyder is not the best owner in the world to work for, but Shanahan did estrange Pat Bowlen of all people and now he has to see how the other half of the league has to deal with bad ownership. You would have thought he would have learned after Al Davis
Many of your points are decisions either Shanahan has made or was a apart of making. He's the head coach and in charge of football operations.

Let me ask you this. If you owned the Redskins, would anyone here resign Shanahan to a new contract? And for how long, because at this rate he won't be coaching RGIII.
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