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Pat Bowlen

Originally Posted by Conklin View Post

I am organizing a grass roots efford to destroy the all mighty khan. I will explain in detail my reasons.

First, why am I reaching out to you? Well the main reason is you are playing survivor, so thus, you should expect plenty of rambling, possibly drunken private messages from me. The other is I need to get enough votes to ensure his utter destruction.

Reason 1: Meltdown potential...I thoroughly believe this season's star trek theme is set up to give Gaylor an advantage. He'll be soo shocked to go out in round one he'll cry like a little b****

Reason 2: lying about me going after Falconer. I am the only member on this message board that has met Falconer personally. He's a great guy and I can promise you, even if he stabbed me in the back, he'd never receive a vote to go home from me. Need proof? look through my pictures on facebook or go back to the bike for sam thread.

Reason 3: Gaylor humped Kuper's leg soo hard that it became fragile and he got injured...Kahn killed Kuper...need I say more?

So to sum up: Meltdown, Liar, Kuper Killer!

Thank you for your time.

Hope this helps.
Well that's just a dirty lie.
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