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Originally Posted by Blart View Post
Yeah, boy that inflation is out of control You austrians never give up.

Aside from all the economic anti-math voodoo, I'm glad that everyone in this thread acknowledges there's a wealth gap and it's increasing. That's the important point.
Inflation is awful right now. Have you bought deli meat lately?

These threads are always a waste of time because progressives absolutely refuse to examine the federal reserves role in this stuff, which is what I've come to expect. Even if I ever wanted to become a quote unquote "progressive" I'd have to put on so many blinders and then defend so many corrupt people that I'd never feel clean.

The nice thing about being a libertarian is that I was able to evicerate GWB without feeling like I was losing anything. Meanwhile, progressives defend Obama like he's actually done anything worthwhile for the progressive cause.

Guess what - libertarians don't care that your gay. We don't care if people smoke pot. We are anti war. And best of all - we actually make sure the people we vote for actually conduct themselves that way as well.

I'll never understand why so-called "progressives" think they're getting anything by voting for Democrats except the ability to say they didn't vote for a Republican. I haven't voted for a Republican president since I was able to vote. I only vote for people who I believe will honestly represent me.
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