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The problem here is, you can't use the CR's and Debt Ceiling as ways to push through, amend, or repeal legislation. What if the Senate demanded a repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act in or, or to pass the CR, or repeal the Civil Right Act, or repeal the Consumer Credit Protection Act (including Truth In Lending Act), or add universal background checks for weapons purchases. You can't deal this way because then the special interest take over and say we're going to blow everything up unless we get our way on said new, past, or provision of legislation. It's assinine.

You do not make deals with the hostage taker. That's the problem. If they have problems with the ACA then they need to do a better job of appealing to the people, win the Senate, and Presidency and make the changes then, not by holding the American public hostage. And if you let them do it now, then they'll do it again and again and again until all your left with is a broken government, economy, and anarchy.

Now you have Ted Cruz asking for itemized parts of the government to be funded, like they're releasing one hostage at a time. They're absolutely crazy. If you agree with this way of governing then you're also absolutely crazy. This is very dangerous politicking, and legislating, and needs to be nipped in the bud right here.
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