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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Fight_On! View Post
Personally, this season in Denver is a joke. As long as they are the Denver Peytons, they should win the west and go far into the playoffs. If they were just the Denver Broncos, they would be fighting for the 1st overall pick with the Queefs. I just find the chest thumping by donkey fans this season damn funny. Denver Peytons.....bwaaaaaaaaaaaawaaaaaa
Always love Raider logic. Such students of the game.

So I guess Green Bay is the Green Bay Rodgers? The Patriots are the New England Bradys? The Atlanta Ryans?

Being a Raider fan over the past 10 years, you're probably confused, or forgotten, but good organizations acquire the best possible players via the draft and free agency that they can. The Denver front brass acknowledged that they had been been fielding poor to mediocre teams and lacked a true franchise QB, so they acquired a veteran to make a 2-3 year push toward a SB. Again, something that Raider fan probably isn't familiar with. At least not this century.
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