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Originally Posted by Odysseus View Post

That is why it is always better to take a "naive" look at things and see if you can see something that you didn't see before.

The real world is a complicated place where everything is a shade of gray. You can read all you want but if you don't ask questions you will never uncover what you know or don't know.

Most people are more scared of being wrong than learning anything.

Right now oil is at an all time low. Oil, oddly enough, seems to go opposite of gold prices. American dollar gets weak and gold gets strong.

Gas prices are high because they are trying to shore up profits they lost and provide themselves better profit margins in case oil spikes.

China plans for their future. America just reacts. It's too be we are so short sighted and have such a weak memory of the past.

I have this friend who pretty much only listens to Alex Jones for his "news". Everything is always "the globalists this, or the Illuminati that". We both work for large "state" entities. I asked him, what Illuminati conspiracy is he being a part of? Obviously I know what part of the conspiracy i'm part of.

I've noticed that Oil & Gold react differently. I never understood how some of the speculation mechanisms worked...mostly due to the fact that it's not my "trade", and I don't have any influence to gain introspection into the "why's".

I'm trying to direct long term thinking to the culture directly around me.

I've been applying some new philosophies, and it appears that they are successful.

5GW is how i'm running part of the biz i'm invested in now.
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