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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
Gonzo you should just become a nuggets fan!!!!
I tell you one thing, I can't wait to see how this grand experiment turns out. Iverson is the truth.

I'm watching every Nugg game that comes on TV from now on. What a freaking steal. Nobody realizes how good this guy is. He might averaged 12 assists per game playing for the Nuggs.

What a deal.

Andre Miller and two late firsts for one of the best athletes of our generation. **** billy king. ****'em. He's an idiot.

Oh well, the bright side is the Celtic's don't have to face Greg Oden for the next 15 years because Billy King royally screwed that franchise. I hope they never fire that mutha****a. Say hello to the 10th pick of the draft you stupid son of a b****.

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