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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I have nonspecific rhinitis. I wonder if this would help?

BTW, did the MD visit go okay?
I think it will do you wonders. It is worth a shot.

Ah, visits were meh. A lot of drama happened. I'm down 20 pounds in three days because my kidney's are functioning again. Stress, infection and some other bad habits probably caused a sharp relapse. Was thrilled to see that in just 10 days of treatment my levels are getting back to normal. Will do a check-up after tapering of medication in about 1.5 months or so. ****'s falling into place for me, IMHO.

LinkedIN profile done, bomb resume, I went through all my life accomplishments last night and I'm actually prepared to do great things. This situation I'm in -- being home and getting closure is helping. Going to make sure all my references are good for me and then start applying in mass for good jobs. Considering pursuing my Master's / PhD as well. Just have to do a cost-benefit analysis of more school debt. I feel good that I have less than 30k school and 5k of bad debt. Most people I know these days are way over that.

I'm blessed.

Thanks for the wishes and vibes guys.

Now I'm gonna relax for a nap then go to the lake.
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