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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
OK so many people are changing their names its hard to keep track lately. I find myself hesitating whether to mindlessly agree with them or flame when usually I am able to instantly do one or the other and sometimes both.

So let's make a cheat sheet for everyone's name changes on the mane. I'll do the ones I know. Also if you know why, go ahead and post that here too.

Rock Chalk = Alec AKA Alec Raenos He's the one that curses a lot and has some good football takes, you just have to sift through his Taco Rants. I think he changed his name because when he was a boy he was playing with some sidewalk chalk and that's when he was first "aroused" in his loins.

A.L.F. = Florida Bronco. Florida Bronco is the counter unit to trolls. He's the the troll troll. Trolls hate him - especially Chiefs Fans. He changed his name to Alf because he's the original voice actor of Alf.

Dortoh = This is a completely new poster. There is nothing new about him in any way. He is his own man.

McSkillet = Is this Angryllama?

Rusty Shakelford = Is this Dagmar?

Post others you know. I'll update this post to make it easy. If there are errors in my list, I'll make corrections...of course there are none.
I know of a few more, but I aint telling.
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