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Default The "who changed their name and why?" thread

OK so many people are changing their names its hard to keep track lately. I find myself hesitating whether to mindlessly agree with them or flame when usually I am able to instantly do one or the other and sometimes both.

So let's make a cheat sheet for everyone's name changes on the mane. I'll do the ones I know. Also if you know why, go ahead and post that here too.

Rock Chalk = Alec AKA Alec Raenos He's the one that curses a lot and has some good football takes, you just have to sift through his Taco Rants. I think he changed his name because when he was a boy he was playing with some sidewalk chalk and that's when he was first "aroused" in his loins.

A.L.F. = 24ChampBailey. He Changed his name to pay homage to the worst sitcom in TV history to predate The Dinosaurs.

Dortoh = Horod. He changed his name 4 teh \/\/1N!!!!!

McSkillet = Is Angryllama. Still waiting to hear why...

Rusty Shakleford = Dagmar. Changed because he wanted to piss people off more easily. Apparently when you're a German girl it's harder to do.

Nickademus = Superceriani. Changed because his friend sucks at picking names and he made out with a girl while watching The Secret of Nimh.

Doomcrew = Lynchmob. Presumably because John Lynch left the team and so did the mob for unrelated reasons.

Man goblin = Rulon Jones. this was changed because there was another Rulon Jones. Shortly after changing his name, the other Rulon Jones stopped posting. Also he likes Kurt Warner's wife.

Peoples Champ = Other Broncobuff. He changed because he was an imposter.

AK1971 = El Guapo = Ak1971. He changed it because he's made of poo. Ok he's fixed it.

Post others you know. I'll update this post to make it easy. If there are errors in my list, I'll make corrections...of course there are none.

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