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Josey Jewell

With the 173rd pick in the 2014 Orange Mane Mock Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers swing for the fences and select:

Logan Thomas, QB/TE, Virginia Tech

Height: 6' 06"
Weight: 248 lbs.
Arm: 34.25"
Hand: 10.88"
40-yard dash: 4.61
225 lb. bench: DNP
Vertical jump: 35.5"
Broad jump: 9' 10"
3-cone drill: 7.05
Short shuttle: 4.18

Career Statistics

Analysis/Breakdown (from
STRENGTHS: Outstanding size, stature and strength -- towers over the line, has natural throwing lanes from the pocket and is able to make plays in the grasp. Athletic -- can climb the pocket, escape and run for the sticks. Load to bring down. Generates easy velocity with a quick, compact release and can make all the throws. Is very competitive and will sell out to make a play. Has upside. Tough and durable -- started 40 consecutive games. Team captain and vocal leader.

WEAKNESSES: Plateaued as a sophomore. Uneven performance. Inconsistent footwork and mechanics. Shoddy ball placement. Still developing touch and deep-ball accuracy. Needs to quicken his eyes and expand his field vision. Needs to learn to protect himself -- is not elusive and represents a big target to defenders. Struggled in big games, including a nightmare performance against Alabama. Too careless with the football -- 39 INTs and 23 fumbles as a starter. Career 50-percent passer on third down.

BOTTOM LINE: Unrefined, strong-armed, sturdy pocket passer who looks the part and has intriguing, raw arm talent, though he is a converted tight end whose inexperience showed throughout a yo-yo career in Blacksburg. Has definite developmental value given his starter-caliber skill set and intangible makeup. Would benefit from coaching continuity, more specifically a QB coach capable of refining his crude talent.

Rationale for the pick from BowlenBall:
As a QB: Pittsburgh's depth chart is Rapistberger (32-years old and injury-prone), Bruce Gradkowski, and Landry Jones. It's time for us to draft the QB of the future, and develop him over the next 2-3 years while Big Ben winds down his career. In any case, Logan Thomas is probably a better QB right now than Gradkowski or Jones, so he's guaranteed a roster spot for the next 4 years, which is all you can ask from a 5th-rounder, really.

As a TE: According to some sources, Thomas was the #1 ranked tight end in the nation when he came out of high school. His performance at the combine was also superior to any tight end in this year's draft class. It seems quite likely that, if it doesn't work out at quarterback for him, he's got a very good shot at being a productive move tight end / H-Back in the NFL.

Pick made at:

8:35 a.m. Abu Dhabi
12:35 a.m. New York
11:35 p.m. Chicago
10:35 p.m. Denver
9:35 p.m. Los Angeles
8:35 p.m. Anchorage
4:35 p.m. Amundson-Scott South Pole Station

The Carolina Panthers and bpc are now on the clock....

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