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Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Lamb was a beast at UConn.
yeah and he'll eventually be one in the NBA. but this is a team trying to win a championship now. he likely won't get enough run unless he just wows early one.

Originally Posted by maher_tyler View Post
Totally agree man. He's been way to inconsistent since he got to Chicago. To soft on D and not aggressive enough on O. Not worth nearly what he's getting paid. Wish they would have brought in Amare Stoudemire instead.
the stupid ass hawks ****ed **** up.
we had Joe Johnson for 4 years 60 mil until the Hawks maxed him. we would have had Rose,JJ & Boozer as the top three.

i honestly hope with Rose out that we suck and got a top pick to get a star to pair with him but i doubt the team or Thibs would do such a thing.
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