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Originally Posted by BroncoFanatic View Post then advocate that our rights come from government then? So when government says you have no right to have children without their permission (China for instance), you will bow down and say "yes massa!", because government said so?

You sir are clearly ready to be enslaved. I recommend instead that you break free of your intellectual bondage, embrace the idea that any government only has power by consent of the governed.

No piece of paper gave us our rights, that piece of paper only acknowledges that our rights are inalienable.....inherit because we are...and demands that any government respect those self-evident truths.

The choice before us all:
  • Freedom, self-determination, with all of the inherent responsibilities, or
  • surrender your security to the bureacratic powers, and hope they will always be benevolent
Are you familiar with the term "check and balances"?

The sky isn't falling. We're not China, nor will we ever be. Our system of government was designed explicitly to prevent that from happening.

And if I recall correctly, the last time someone attempted to throw off the shackles of government, the government had something to say about it, and won the argument handily on the battlefield. If you want to talk about precedent, if that doesn't dismiss the idea that the Second Amendment was designed so that we can just take up arms against our government, I don't know what does.
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