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If I lost my handgun and semi-auto rifles, and was able to protect my family from criminals/nutjobs with an acceptable taser, I'd be happy.

And while I wouldn't be capable of a platoon assault on the white house, my plethora of open sight lever actions and scope mounted bolt actions would still allow me to join the Wolverines and mount a defense against a red dawn-esque attack.

You can't really expect that average citizens can arm themselves in any comparable fashion to a real army, whether they are US or USSR. But we are still incredibly numerous as an armed civilian population. Any ground assault on America would have its hands full.

I think that satisfies what you are looking to protect with the 2nd amend.

Just FYI, they weren't really worried so much about foreign invaders as domestic "caretakers." And it's not about going toe to toe with a field army. The founders never really saw it that way either.

And I'm probably less well-armed than you are (from the sounds of it ) I just hate the constant push to rewrite clear history.
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