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Shaq Barrett

Originally Posted by TailgateNut View Post
Does your STUPID ASS undrstand "in lieu of", aka, instead of?

I doubt you do, because if you did, you would STFU. Pesky ass jerk!
I don't give a **** if you meant "in addition to" or "in lieu of", you a-hole.

You said, "Too bad Kuper got hurt instead of Timmy."......IN OTHER WORDS, you wish Tim had gotten hurt "in lieu of" Kuper....IN OTHER WORDS you wish Timmy had been hurt PERIOD.

No matter what what you cut WISHED FOR INJURY ON TIM "in lieu of" or whatever.......which makes you a ****ing a-hole. But most of us knew that already.

Again, you're trying to save face for a retarded post....which most of yours are....that one just took the cake.

As far as intellect AND maturity.....I've got you beaten by a mile.

So **** off asswad.
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