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Pat Bowlen

Hope Marshall has gotten or is getting the help he needs...

Brandon Marshall’s role in the public eye intensified when he was stabbed by his wife in the offseason (he denied that it happened) and, later, when he admitted that he suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.

And while there was very little question that Marshall had been stabbed by somebody (it was only allegedly caused by his wife), Marshall made the excuse that his cuts had been caused when he slipped on a vase.

But now the South Florida Times has the intricate details of what police found when they were called to the Marshall household in April.

Police found a “large pool of blood” in the foyer of the house before discovering other blood trails throughout the residence. Marshall had been slashed on his wrists and his abdomen, while his wife, Michi-Nogami Marshall, had a bruise on her left check. And, maybe most disturbing, police found a 13-inch bloody knife next to a bloody magazine clip from a gun.

It is a rather unsettling scene -- that surely wasn’t the result of a broken vase -- but hopefully, activities like this are in the past for Marshall and his wife.

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