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Originally Posted by angryllama
Unfortunately, that's the only thing that the three J's ever had going for them. A win over the Bulls. Jackson scored 50 once, and Kidd did the Kidd thing pretty regularly, but those bums all sucked together. You can really see the genius of Nellie in the house cleaning that followed his entry to the franchise. The three J's were shipped out, and Nellie acquired Nash, Finley, Nowitzki, Howard, Daniels, Harris, and brought AJ in to tutor before leaving the coaching position. Nellie really set the table for AJ and brought him in to take the team up a notch.
Hey Llama, Don Nelson was not the guy that traded Jason Kidd or acquired Michael Finley. Any "diehard" Mavs would know when the savior of the franchise arrived and what moves he made. Micheal Finley was already on the roster and they had traded Kidd long before Nellie ever stepped foot in that town. How come you did know that? Oh, that's right, you were riding the Bulls bandwagon when Nellie arrived. My bad. Carry on.
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