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Champ Bailey

Originally Posted by GonzoLays
Bandwagon Fan Characteristics
A bandwagon sports fan will typically root for a team in a particular sport that is the most visible and is successful. Most often bandwagon fans prefer teams that have a long tradition of winning championships (New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Duke basketball, Notre Dame football) as well as having well known popular athletes playing for those teams such as Derek Jeter, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan.
If the Mavs lose before they reach the finals are you going to jump on the Shaq and Wade bandwagon?
Still upset that every bit of basketball delusion that you vomited all over this board is being wiped away and sanitized by reality? Aww...poor Gonzo. His over-the-top attention grabs are proving again to be nothing more than the ramblings of a racist whackjob.

Go Mavs!
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