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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
this thread isn't about how great the Broncos were last season *cough* division champs *cough*. This thread is about how KC sucks - how they have historically sucked, how they suck now, and how they will continue to suck in the future.

I'm perfectly willing to admit that Denver was not the best team in the AFC last season. I'm also willing to concede that Denver had a very bad day in week 17, which happened to coincide with one of KC's best days. Neither of those two facts is relevant to how KC is irrelevant.
KC played ****ty that entire day on offense and we still beat you. Stop trying to turn this around.

Fact is. The Broncos aren't a Super Bowl talented team. Shall we look back at your team losing 3 straight to end the season?
Beating your chest because you got Manning isn't gonna look so good when you play real teams. How we forget that Brady could have scored 7 TD's on your in the first half if he really wanted to.
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