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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by Johnykbr View Post
That episode just confirmed how terrible of an actress Lena Headey can be. Cersei was terrible there. In the book she rivaled Catelyn Stark. In this episode it seemed more like Tyrion ate the last donut which she wanted.

Also, I don't know what's going on with the Shae thing but I'm not liking it.

With all that said, Margaery Tyrell, Geoffrey, and Tyrion all were amazing at the wedding. Jack Gleeson was amazing in his role and had a huge part in advancing the series so I could see his death putting a damper on the ratings for a bit until Ramsey and Roose take the reigns as the people everyone loves to hate.
She's a B actress at best(aways has been)...even what she did last night was aweful

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