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data since 1980 eh ?

Wow you sure have me convinced that this isnt a totally normal fluctuation that happens every few hundred years or so.

Whats a matter did the data from 1960 to 1980 show a rapid climb ? and therefor have to be left out.
This is their process in a nutshell. Show peak to valley. Or valley to peak as needed. Pretend that's all there is.

They keep trying to frame the debate as "if the earth warmed, we caused it"

Any reasonable look at the known facts throughout human history proves beyond any doubt that the earth warms and cools significantly (in this scale) constantly, and with or without our help.

The real question is how much we contribute to changing the natural cycle, and what we can reasonably do about it.

Unfortunately, they'll keep leaning back on charts showing that ice melts as temperature rises as irrefutable proof of something. But it's only a matter of time until the predictions of their apocalyptic models fall off the charts. As I said, Wagsy's hero Hansen is already within the window where he said there would be no arctic summer ice. Without significant change in 5 years, we can assertively say that his view of climate changiness is fundamentally flawed. Although looking at his earlier predictions, we could already easily make that case. No doubt, like most apocalyptic hustlers, JH will follow up with a small 'correction' on his end-of-world predictions, and Wagsy will continue to lap it up unquestioningly.

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