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Jordan Taylor

I want experience. I think we have shown that experience is what is necessary in the coordinator roles.

Kubs if he does get fired

I love Gase, but not with John Fox as the HC. It's fine to bring a young guy up into the coordinator role, if the HC can run that side of the ball. So, go young on Defense if needed, but hire a compliment to Fox to run the offense. Norv or Moore would be perfect. Kubs would be heaven. I think Kubs can adjust to any offense...that's my opinion.

I'll say this about Houston...had they went out and signed Manning........they would be head and heals above the pack. Matt Schaub is very average...and Kubiak has squeezed that lemon until there is no juice left. The HC will get he blame...but, he doesn't have the guy behind center that's needed to win a championship!

Go Elway! He got it done.

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