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Originally Posted by R8R H8R View Post
It will be the other way around. McCoy is a hotter candidate than McDaniels at this point. Teams saw what a disaster he was here, and couple that with the fact
that he completely flopped as an OC in St Louis, tells them that he has only proven he is a good coach when he has Tom Brady.

McCoy has proven he can win with a Tebow and a Manning. That should be more important to any team.
It should be, but it's not. The New England label continues to stick.

I will say this - I think one big arguement going for McCoy is what was said on SNF last night - unless you have one of the 3-4 elite QB's (which we now do have), you have to find a way to break the mold, and do things that the NFL found beneath itself a year or two ago - including option quarterbacking. That plays in McCoy's favor.
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