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Adam Gotsis

Originally Posted by lostknight View Post
Between Tebow last year, and Manning this year, McCoy is long gone. I could see him ending up in Jacksonville or Chicago. Not sure it's the best for him - I suspect another year with Manning would be better for him, but Que Sera. I think whatever team looses the "McDaniels sweepstakes" (I can't believe I just wrote that), will grab McCoy.

It will be the other way around. McCoy is a hotter candidate than McDaniels at this point. Teams saw what a disaster he was here, and couple that with the fact
that he completely flopped as an OC in St Louis, tells them that he has only proven he is a good coach when he has Tom Brady.

McCoy has proven he can win with a Tebow and a Manning. That should be more important to any team.
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