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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
He was below average. As a running QB he was above average. Depends on how you look at it, I guess.
I would argue that the 8-8 record was a huge overachievement for that team as well. How many miraculous finishes did we have that required an onside recovery, a running back running out of bounds when all he needed to do was stay in bounds to run out the clock, etc. to get to that record?

Last year's team was a mirage like the 2008 team that had a negative point differential, neither team was truly an 8-8 team, they just got lucky.

This team without Manning could easily be a sub-500 team depending on who ended up at QB. The defense wouldn't have as many chances to tee-off and rush the QB (affecting both sacks and turnovers) and the offense clearly wouldn't be as good.

With how turnovers have worked this season, we have been UNlucky this year (which seems to have turned around somewhat) and still sit at 12-3 with a shot at the #1 seed.
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