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I live in Kansas City and I can tell you people are fed up. There are the occasional fans who just go because they love to watch, but I can tell you that there is some serious tension between the Chiefs and their fans. Mellinger and Babb's columns, along with Fescoe's rant, have been far more talked about than the Saints game.
The fans are just tired of it. Arrowhead might be mostly full next weekend, but if this keeps up, Clark is losing money because people aren't showing up in the later part of the season.
It happened in 2008 and it will certainly happen again.
Yeah, they're definitely mad and if it continues, then something will be done. I still think KC has too much talent to be a 0-3 win team though, which is probably what it would take for real change to happen in KC

If KC gets 7-9 wins, fans are still going to be there to support them... even if there chances of winning the title in the near future are basically zero
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