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Carson Palmer 3 of 6 for 33 yards and an INT

Meh. But I do feel obligated to put up some kind of answer. Palmer should have been 5 for 6 but two perfectly thrown passes were dropped by Jacoby Ford, both of which would have been first downs. The burden of offensive production usually does fall on the quarterback but he can't catch the ball too.

From the way Ford played tonight, it looked like he was more worried about not getting hurt than playing well. And if that was the case, that's fine. He's proven himself to be an asset to the team and if anything, he's done well at catching extremely difficult passes, so I'm not worried about him just yet.

The playcalling was ass on the offensive side of the ball. Just kind of a seemingly unisinpired and unfocused mishmash of dink and dunk and poorly executed running plays. Personally, that was my biggest concern about the offense. I wasn't a fan of Greg Knapp when he was hired and I'm still not.

Why didn't we just keep Al Saunders as our OC? Hell if I know. But if this offense ends up sucking at least the source of the suck will be immediately identifiable.

Second concern was the 0-line. The starters, together with Palmer and McFadden looked fine. With just Palmer, they were okay. After that, they flat out sucked. Going in, it was known that depth was an issue for us at just about every position, but tonight it was apparent that it's going to bite us hard at some point during the regular season.

OTOH, our D looked good against Dallas' starters and scrubs. The fact that they kept us in the game is a complete flip from the past decade. I hope they continue to play well.
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