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Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
Every time I think I heard the stupidest thing, Bronco fans come up with something even dumber. .

Tebow has been with the Broncos for two years. Don't you think it a little different with a Qb(from another team coming in cold) than a Qb that been on the roster for two years, and was at the Team training camp. Have some common sense.

Again where were you Tebow bashers when The KId was pulling games out of his arse last year. (do I have to do a search) Now because the Bronco got a Qb who once was one of the best to play the game. I'm not going to keep posting all the question about P manning again, but no one knows what the Broncos are going to get from him this season., That is a fact.

Jmo I don't think Bronco talent is good enough regardless if Manning still at the top of his game. That Bronco defense while it wasn't that good to begin with, lost some key pieces. I have no fear what so ever with what the Bronco possess on defense. (Raider fan perspective) Dumberville just makes it easier to run the ball down their throats to his size.
manning if healthy is hall of fame bound... tebow as much as I liked the person is not much of a qb.manning is bringing some of his offensive concepts he used In Indy.silly raiders fan is silly
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