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Originally Posted by Bronco Rob View Post
The raiders staring tight ends have 34 career receptions and ZERO touchdowns. That "strictly a blocking Te" Dressen had 28 receptions and 6 touchdowns in 2011...

Back to the failboard.......

Bronco ROb where do I start with you. YOu do understand in the Texans offense system(what Dreesen was in) that system by design lets the TE come free occasionally .(naked Bootlegs by the QB let the Te get out a lot of times uncovered. Dreesen was strictly a blocking Te in a traditional offense. His numbers in Texas system are some what inflated by the system.

That why I'm very confidant Raiders inexperience TE are going to put up decent numbers because the system is very Te friendly.

Here is excerpt . talking about TE positio in Oakland.
The least experienced position group on the roster may also be the most intriguing and, well, malleable, what with the Raiders still holding three roster spots open and about $6.5 million in salary cap space three days before the team reports to Napa for training camp.

Each player brings a different skill set and well, let's let Gordon break it down. "Everybody's doing something different like, mostly, I do the blocking, Ausberry's doing most of the catching, Brandon's doing both," Gordon surmised. Ausberry, who packed on muscle this offseason, was the dark horse coming into the spring and had a backer in quarterback Carson Palmer but the relative vet seemed to wrest control later.

"You have a good feel that Brandon Myers will probably be the guy," Palmer said, "but behind him, you don't know. There's three guys who want that spot. There's going to be a lot of competition at that spot. All those guys are similar but each is really good at what the other guys isn't, which is exciting." Especially since the new offense brought in by returning coordinator Greg Knapp relies heavily on the tight end.

"We were kind of nonexistent last year," Myers said. "You know, if you look at the track record with Houston and previous places coach has been, tight ends are a focal point of the zone schemes on the outside off the naked and stuff like that. It's on us to make plays and for them to trust us when it is third down to make the plays."

And if this trio is what the Raiders enter the season with at tight end, Ausberry is fine with that. "We're capable of doing a lot of things just because we're athletic tight ends and that's going to give is a lot of chances to make plays in the open field."
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