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The raiders staring tight ends have 34 career receptions and ZERO touchdowns. That "strictly a blocking Te" Dressen had 28 receptions and 6 touchdowns in 2011...

Back to the failboard.......

Not really. Myers is solid. He's one of those guys who catches the crucial third and short pass or makes the block that springs the running back. Not spectacular but more than serviceable. Outside of that, we don't have much. If our TE position was completely screwed, I'd have no shame in saying so. For example, if Myers were to go down for the season in training camp, then hell yeah, we'd be screwed at the position.

Ausberry's still a work in progress, a classic Al Davis pick. Great physical traits: tall, fast, strong. In college the guy was a decent WR on a USC Trojan team that threw the ball to everyone. What Al didn't really care too much about was that the guy wasn't a tight end. To be fair to the old man though, we did get him in the 7th round. And that's where you should draft projects.

For some reason, despite the facts of near zero production, Raider fans are high on this guy. I just don't get it. Projects almost always remain projects until they find themselves either 1) Glad they made the most of their academic opportunities in college or 2) Regretting that they didn't make the most of their academic opportunities in college; or 3) they actually turn into consistent contributors. But 2 is most likely.
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