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Originally Posted by Bacillus Anthracis View Post
Last year's offensive scheme didn't utilize the TE position all that much. It was one of Hue Jackson's biggest mistakes because we had two very capable players in Kevin Boss and Brandon Myers. But his philosophy called for the TEs to be primarily blockers--which works when your starting receivers are on the field, but not when you're pulling guys off the practice squad to come in an play the position.

This season, I don't know. We let Boss go to KC which I think was a big mistake, but maybe the cap was involved. I don't know.

As for our O vs. your D: We did enough to win the first one and in the second game our D f'ing collapsed in the second half. 24 points should have been enough to close that thing out. Also, that was Palmer's second week in the offense after being on the team for all of 10 days at that point.

Assuming he's back to his regular self, that's probably true.
Correct last year scheme the Te's were there to block and the offense went through the Wr's. If you didn't block(TE) you weren't going to play.
David Ausberry their is no question about his receiving skills. It will come down to his ability to block . He improved in that area he will be raiders starting Te.

This is a very Te friendly offense Raiders are playing in. Even Blocking TE richard Gordson who a very raw receiver is going to get his yards in this system( see Joel Dreesen who was strictly a blocking Te like Gordon, but was more than that in a similar system)

The Raiders TE will put up some very good numbers up in 2012. No doubt about that. (raider coaches had worries about the position but came away very impressed with what they saw from their Te's.

The reason Kevin Boss was let go is simple. He had five concussions with the Giants and he had two more with the Raiders. Once you had that many concussions, it's only a matter of time before the next one occurs.

First meeting there was no need to throw it as they ran the ball down your throats again. Raiders with a healthy running game(DMc) and C Palmer passing it. Your defense not slowing that Raider offense down.

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