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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Raider9175 View Post
You surround a Qb with unbelievable talent like Carson palmer has with the Raiders, and you can walk away with league MVP like R gannon did. Don't think you would say R gannon was the best Qb in the league at that time.

How did steve Young do in tampbay. Did he look like a hall of famer he was with the 49ers talent.
You didnt just call your wide receivers talent like Tim Brown and Jerry Rice, did you? OMFG!

Also, to your comment on receivers getting open when the defense was playing all up front, you first need a QB to not only get the passes to the wide receivers but you need to do it when the defense has to defend both the run and pass. That wasn't happening in our offense. We ran every first down almost except the one that mattered the most, 80 yard OT catch to DT. Rest of the season was frustration. Those receivers had to catch these balls when the defense knew Tebow was in a passing situation.
You also forget that the first 5 games was Orton so we had passing attempts not too far from the Raiders. Now why don't you compare that with game 6th to 16 for both teams. No crap about Palmer coming in cold because Tebow didnt start the first 5 games. See the difference in stats either from game 6 on or when Palmer got to Chokeland.
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