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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Except Tebow's success with this team came largely from turning one of the (if not THE) worst rushing teams in the league to #1.

Acting like Manning comes into that scenario and just tacks onto what was already accomplished is silly. Manning undoes what Tebow accomplished and takes us back to a bottom 10 running game. There's pretty much no debating that.

So 8-8 becomes effectively meaningless. 4-12 and 1-4 more resembles the floor for Manning to build from.
See, this type of argument effectively tells me you are not a Broncos fan. You are a Tebow fan and nothing more.

The Broncos squeaked out some wins with Tebow, was it fun to watch, yep. Did the ball bounce the Broncos way on some of those wins, yep. What's the old saying--it's better to be lucky than to be good--yep.

You want to credit all those wins to Tebow. Fact is, teams were not prepared to play against Tebow's spread option attack. However, towards the end of the season the Broncos were pretty much shut down. The Broncos went 1-3 in the last 4 games which sucks. The Broncos also got humiliated by the NE twice.

NE b**** slapped the Broncos twice in like 6 weeks. When the Broncos face teams with good QBs, they struggled.

I'd love for Tebow to become the next great Broncos QB but the way this team struggled at the end of the season tells me that Tebow is a lot farther away from being a franchis QB than many fans want to admit.
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