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Theon is going to play a big part in seasons to come, as all the book readers know. I think they had to go to this extent for viewers to understand his transformation from the bold, cock-sure braggart, to the whipped dog of a man he is to become. I think we've seen the last Theon Greyjoy scene this season.

I personally thought this was a great episode. I like that GRRM confirmed a few things that were rather debated in the book - Theon's member being one of them. I loved that GRRM finally had Tormund being Tormund. "Tormund hasn't talked about what a beast in the sack he is yet - I'm going to fix that straight away."

I loved the episode. That exchange between Tywinn and Joffrey was perfect. The exchange between Jaime and Qyburn was great. The dragons were amazing, and Clarke's acting in that parlay was great.
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