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Originally Posted by ApaOps5 View Post
King is under pressure. Word is that Philly wants there hands washed of this. They are adamant about trading AI by tonight. Any semblance of patience goes out the window if they are seriously geared on getting this done. So they might take a lesser package. If they take Joe Smith, Najera, Nene and picks they are just crazy. As picks are so hit or miss and they are getting a huge cumbersome contract in Nene, Joe Smith woohoo, and Eddie Najera. Eddie will be a Philly favorite because of his workman like play but still that is a blow it all up trade for Philly.
All you nuggets fans dont' get me wrong right now. I'm just hating because I want Iverson on the Celtics. That's it. I'm a hater. If you land Iverson for Nene, I might jump off a roof because I know we have the better offer but since we play in the same division as Philly, they really don't want to deal with us.

AARRGGH. I have wasted my whole day waiting for this trade.
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