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Originally Posted by RhymesayersDU View Post
Food for thought:

I can't remember who the 76ers play at the SF spot, but I know they play Dalembert at Center. If they had Nene at PF and somebody at least serviceable at SF, that would actually be a hell of a frontcourt. I don't want to talk up Dalembert or Nene and make them better than what they are, but who does the East have for big guys? You can probably count them on your fingers.

See, that is where I think you are wrong. Sam Dalembert and Nene would be the most expensive (21 million a year together), suck ass frontcourt in the league. If you go back to your old stomping grounds and make a thread on the RealGM 76ers board about Sam Dalembert, you will realize they all want him gone. Why compound the problem and take another frontcourt young guy who is making too much money and can't really play.

From what I have read, the Sixers are trying to unload Dalemberts contract with AI right now. I seriously doubt they take on a big man who will eventually make 14 million a year who can't rebound.
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