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Just finished (audio books) "Dragon's Blood" by Todd McCaffrey (apparently Anne has passed the torch), "LT's Theory of Pets" and "The Stationary Bike" "by Stephen King and (print) "Fourth and Fixed" by Reggie Rivers. 4th & Fixed was a great ride and the Pern novel by Todd McCaffrey was the best one in a long, long, long time. Theory was quite good and very funny in places, but "Stationary Bike" was a bit dull. Currently I'm workling on "Cell" (again, audio book) and "Manifold Origin" (print) by Stephen Baxter. It's the third in the "Manifold" series and I have high hopes for it.

Why oh why didn't I ever get any audio books before now?!? Not only are they great for the commute, but they really make a boring day at work go quickly!

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