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Originally Posted by lostknight View Post
Outside of Vicerys nipple-twisting his sister (which was only slightly toned down), I'm not sure we have seen any cuts so far in that area. They haven't mentioned the whole Targaryens marry their sister thing yet.
I'm speaking mostly of the fact that they they've changed (and avoided discussion of) the ages of the young characters involved in the most adult themes.

It'd be a hard thing to change the Jaime/Cersei incest as it plays such an important role in the plot.

Actually Cate is the one character that doesn't fit well to me. In the books she was one who was pushing Ned to take the job. In the series so far, she seems much more reserved.
Ahh, you're right. It's been about a decade since I read the first book. Though IIRC she was outwardly supporting it but inwardly against it?
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