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I'm furious with Quenneville for putting Skrastins back in the lineup. The team defense was much better as soon as Skrastins went out with his injury. There was no reason to put him back in unless the defense started to collapse. It never did, but Scratch was still allowed back in the top-6 on the blueline.

Then he goes out there and does his customary job screening his own goalie on the PK. The combination of Theodore and Skrastins should have never been put back together. For the first 5 months of the season the team was killed by shots from the point on the powerplay going past tiny Theo while Skrastins screened him. With Budaj in net and Skrastins watching from the press box the penalty kill improved immensley.

Tonight's game was so frustrating to watch, from Rycroft hitting the post on a wide open net to the awful officiating in the second and third periods.
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