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Rubin Carter

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
First, I have seen both seasons of Rome. It was awesome. Lucius Verenus and Titus Polo are one of the best duos I've ever seen on a TV show of any kind. I think them killing the show after the second season had more to do with it being really, really high budget and that it was a co-op with BBC production. They usually do only two seasons and a special for a lot of their shows, where in the US we try to wring them out until they die. I agree the morals and whatnot are very similar to GOT and you can see the cultural acceptance and abhorrence of some things totally off.

Second, why do you keep calling me turd? And why are you capitalizing it?

Sorry Kaylore, I was referencing Turd Fergy's comment about bad, should have put his quote in there. I totally agree about Lucius and Titus and you are correct about the costs (it was at that time the most expensive show on a seasonal basis that HBO had ever done), but the writer's strike was also key. Italy is the most expensive place in the world to film, and much of the show was shot there (50-60% if memory serves). HBO and BBC were not willing to continue to pay all the location fees, permit fees (and there were an embarrassment of those), actor's salaries, etc. when no one knew how long the strike would last. There were supposed to be two or three more seasons in the origional plan.

As for you, Rev:
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