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Re: Neck Pony Nation!!!

[quote author=Paulie_Emm link=board=News;num=1014738612;start=345#351 date=07/18/02 at 11:19:23]

No problem Ames!
To do away with? No. Maybe to replace it.
Homeland Security is here to stay, the USA won't get caught like that again(I hope)
You really feel your freedoms are being taken away? That is something that cannot be given up at any cost. But I see your point, the government, potentially, using the threat of terrorism as a means to gain more control.......that's scary.

BTW, I'm not American(but I am a North American!) I'm a Canuck.   This is what our women do on weekends. see attachment above.............[/quote]

I really do think our freedoms here in america are in jeopardy....

Paulie where at in canada do you live, i've been up to toronto and of course the falls area...want to out to vancouver sometime and check that side out....

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