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Originally Posted by Stuck in Cali View Post
Now your a closet NE fan. I for one, and I would bet to say a lot of Denver fans always knew Elway would get his ring. And when he did, it was sweeter, than it would of been if he would of won one of the 3 prior. And I will beat you to it, it really sucked losing them SB's. But would not change them if I had the chance.

So go ahead and quote my post and change my words so you can feel good about yourself and your crap team. If you can even decide who your team is now.
Ha I said New England is the best team in the AFC and if I had to pick a team to be the best in the AFC it would be New England.
I root for the Chiefs, but they aren't New England.
They're better than anyone in our division.

But continue trying to switch my words around to fit your argument.
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