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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
LMAO Wow. Stunning ignorance of history FTL. Pick up a book sometime bub.
Some guys rank haute cuisine and fine wine higher than others I guess.

So, you agree progressive thought can and has made your life better, but now it can't anymore? The only difference between then and now, in terms of abuses, is where and how those abuses are happening. We've opened up the doors to the same level of abuse the last 30 years, only the form is different.
Of course it has, and it still can. But it can also make things dramatically worse. And has at times throughout world history. As for the last 30 years being so terrible. Good luck with that argument. It's mostly a story of some of the richest people on the face of the earth looking at those even richer than them and maintaining envy above all else.

A conservative not long ago was saying: But somewhere along the way, we went from enslaving people to now saying we can't work them 18 hours a day in our private businesses!
And a progressive was saying "Hey, let's put ourselves in control of all this production, and we'll take care of everyone and tell them what kind of work they can do and how much they're allowed to make."

No, we have a culture in Washington (no matter the topic) that is dominated by monied interests instead of the interests of "the people". This has happened specifically because we have allowed those monied interests to act increasingly unchecked and gain vastly more power and wealth for the last 30 years with the large shift toward a laizzes-faire system (despite your protestations to the contrary).

What happened in 2008? The monied interests won big, everyone else lost huge because we, as a society, weren't keeping the abuses that led to that meltdown in check.

I agree there is a season for everything. We've had 30 years of conservative season that have eroded the progress of the 20th century.
Yeah, totally. Those darn Democrats in Congress for most of that time, and their Conservative State Building. What up wit dat!
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