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Originally Posted by FearLanier View Post
America voted the Bears job is the most enticing. I don't get that. Their 2 best defenders are on their last legs, Devin Hester might retire because of Lovie's firing and Cutler/Marshall are a coaches worst nightmare.

Just don't get that.

I think that the Jags, Bills and Bears are the worst jobs.
Hester is dumber than a box of rocks, he is just butt hurt, he will be back. It is not like he is going to go get his masters at MIT or start a Hedgefund.

Chicago is closer to winning than kFc, kFc needs a totally new O, duh bears just need an OL and can afford to retool the aging D over the next couple years. If they acquired 2-3 OL and a TE they would be an instant upgrade, MLB and DT, would be their only priorites on D.
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