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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Agreed. Fun take on the original idea form the classic storyline. Solid film, probably not quite as good as X-men: First Class in my opinion but a fun entertaining entry non-the-less.

Echoing your sentiment regarding the final action set piece from the 70's. It did seem odd that we never got a full on fight scene from the classic sentinels. But, at the same time, we never have an X-men team assembled in the 70's either. It also seems like Wolverine never got a big action sequence in this film either. He has the one brief scene where he pops the gangsters. But, from that point on it seems like the story finds different ways of removing him from each big action sequence. I'm not complaining, but it was odd.
Wolverine was practically useless in the movie in general. He literally delivered the message, which was needed, then served no further purpose. Does that work with the story? I suppose, but it is a poor use of literally the most popular character from the series.
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