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Miller grew up in Dallas as a big Cowboys fan.

"I always saw myself with a blue star on the side of my helmet,” Miller said. “Growing up in Dallas, all my life I've never ever lived anywhere else. So of course I'm a big Cowboys fan. Our game room at my house is fully dedicated to the Cowboys. From Roger Staubach to Troy Aikman to Emmitt Smith to Michael Irvin, all those guys. We've got a Ring of Honor just in our game room at home."

As for how he would feel if Jerry Jones made him the Cowboys' top pick, Miller said: "It'd be a true blessing. It'd really be a dream come true by playing in the NFL and playing for the team that I always dreamed of playing for. It'd really be a true blessing to go home and play in Dallas and play in [Cowboys] Stadium. It'd be a dream come true, I'd probably pass out, you know."
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