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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Seattle's secondary drives off of the following:

1. They have a very good, one-gap, penetrating front seven across the board. Nearly every player in it is a successful pass-rusher.

2. They are physical far beyond the point that the rules permit.

3. Earl Thomas is amazing and his ability and range over the top allow for the corners underneath to play even more aggressively.

4. Richard Sherman is super overrated but still very, very good and most especially at disguising his coverage presnap.
agreed. Thomas has been huge and he (along w/ the typically effective 4 man pass rush) allows the back 4 to operate like they do. They also have atheltic LBs like Wagner and Wright who are much better in coverage than most teams' LBs. It will be a tough matchup, but if Denver plays like they did yesterday, I think we'll be happy.

I think Sherman is still a crazy good CB
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